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Breezie helps people who struggle to use the Internet by providing a combination of software, services and the latest breakthroughs in touch screen tablets.

Breezie is a service aimed at millions of people who struggle to use the Internet, primarily those over the age of 65. Providing a solution for this segment represents a £8bn+ market opportunity with a favourable macro-economic environment – aging population, increasing isolation of the elderly, and both businesses and governments focused on driving people online to combat the escalating costs of legacy channels and social care.

Breezie solves this problem through a unique combination of software, services and the latest breakthroughs in tablets. The software converts any Android tablet (Samsung at present) into a simplified experience and declutters popular applications and services (Facebook, Google, Skype etc). The service includes an online facility for the family/support person to manage and personalize the Breezie: setting up accounts, adjusting security, adding apps and contacts etc.

The venture is founded by a London Business School Sloan alumnus (Jeh Kazimi) and some of the key investors (Derek Barr, John Kinder, Todd McCormack, Mike Parsons and Barclay Douglas) are experienced angel investors. The team has a good track record in launching related products and services and the board of directors (includes ex-Ofcom director Hyacinth Nwana) is well connected in the relevant sectors of digital inclusion, policy, healthcare and telecommunications.

The venture has attracted a great deal of attention and collaboration from a wide range of organizations – Samsung, Google, Age UK, the NHS, Harvard Medical, and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). The team has so far raised £1.2m funding under EIS relief and has recently launched its service in partnership with Age UK. The service is currently live on http://www.breezie.com/

Raised £600,768.00
Fundraise ended 15/08/2014
Target £252,000.00
Target 33.75%
Investors (22)