Raising £1.7 million for 35% equity 

£1.3 million already raised

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The East London Property Bond 

Paying 10% per annum and secured 

capital at risk

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The Innis & Gunn BeerBond

Successful raise - Innis and Gunn raises £3 million  

Scotland’s leading Craft Brewer raising £3million through its BeerBond.

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CrowdBnk is an investment crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest in high growth businesses through equity & debt.

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Discover the benefits of investing with CrowdBnk and find out how to become a part of our network.

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We enable you to invest alongside angels, VCs and institutional investors in innovative British businesses.

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Discover the benefits of raising with CrowdBnk and find out how the application & funding process works.

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Reserve Bar Stock Exchange - In Interview

Reserve Bar Stock Exchange is a bar and nightclub that weaves mobile technology across a multi-floor venue ...

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New investment opportunities

We have several new and exciting business opportunities ready for funding

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In the press

In the press
Software for silver surfers given funding boost

That Device Company, a three-year-old firm based in Richmond, southwest London, has raised £600,000 and plans…

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Providing web services to silver surfers, Breezie has now successfully funded.

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