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Buyapowa helps retailers amplify their customers’ network, turning chatter into actual transactions.  Using its technology platform, retailers can encourage and reward their customers for getting their friends to shop too.

Following a successful raise of £1,368,000 earlier this year, financed by Juno Capital and Bright Station Ventures, Buyapowa is extending the Series A round by aiming to raise a further £400K (£750K max.) at the same price to finance its growth.

About Buyapowa

Buyapowa is a technology platform, used by the likes of Tesco, Costco,  L’Oreal and others to help them acquire new customers (See Launched in 2011 and based in London with a team of 15, Buyapowa is focused on technology, retail and word-of-mouth marketing.

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What sets you apart?

The directors understand that the company´s clients use the Buyapowa social referral marketing platform for a few key reasons:

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How do you generate revenue?

Buyapowa’s commercial agreements are structured as annual licences with brands and retailers.  The company typically limits the licence to a single business unit and geography within larger brands and retailers.  Licence fees are paid up front with average payment terms being 45 to 60 days.

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Why should we invest in you?

Buyapowa is a 4 year old business with a strong management team led by Gideon Lask, former Managing Director (MD) of and CEO of

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What's the market for your services?

The company´s target market is the Digital Marketing Software Market which is estimated to be $56.6bn by 2019 [4].  This market is currently growing at a rate of 17%[5].  This market is comprised of businesses looking to exploit social media for operational or commercial purposes.  The directors´ opinion is that this market is growing primarily due to the increase in adoption of digital media and the emergence of software as a service (SaaS) solutions like the Buyapowa platform.

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What is the plan for future growth?

The company wants to reinforce its position as the leading referral marketing platform outside of the US, building clients and revenues aggressively and readying itself for a planned trade sale in the next 2-3 years. The directors consider that the largest opportunity for the business is in Europe and Asia where they see online referral marketing to be in its infancy and competition to be scarce.

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Investment offer

Following a successful raise of £1,368,000 earlier this year, financed by Juno Capital and Bright StationVentures, CrowdBnk is re-opening the Series A round to raise a further £400K (£750K max.) at the same price to finance  its growth in Europe and Asia for a  minimum of 32.22% (8.33% [7.15% fully diluted] Available to CrowdBnk investors) and a maximum of 36.82% (14.56% [12.63% fully diluted] Available to CrowdBnk investors) equity stake.  

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Exit Strategy

Contingent upon a successful fundraise and implementation of the business plan, the directors of the company anticipate acquisition to come from one of the following types of businesses within 2-3 years:

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Raised £1,440,214.15
Days to go Completed
Funding period ended on 15 December 2015
Target £1,399,999.30
Min. Investment £249
Equity on Offer 27.87%
Investors (35)
Follow Download the full business plan
Business Contact

24 Greville Street

The Buyapowa Team

Gideon Lask

Gideon Lask

CEO and Founder

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Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa has a long track record in online businesses, having been CEO of (the original social-commerce business) where he led a Management Buyout (MBO) and subsequent sale of the business. He then joined the board of HMV as MD of and Multi-channel Director, developing the online business to represent 20% of group sales.
Zubair Khan

Zubair Khan


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Zubair has over 10 years of experience in venture backed technology businesses, working with some of the most renowned and respected technology teams in the UK. Specialising in building Agile and Lean teams in organisations of all sizes, Zubair’s focus is on delivering business value by building teams with a full stack, user centered culture. From his time working at Thoughtworks, a leading worldwide software consultancy, Zubair has been able to work in a wide range of companies from News International to Unicef and Save the Children.
James Grant

James Grant

Product Director:

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James has a history of more than 12 years as a user experience designer in both freelance design and corporate industry capacity covering the entire user experience research and design spectrum. He most recently designed Deutsche Bank's flagship corporate banking app, with his optimised workflows allowing trillions of Euros to be processed with great ease every 24 hours across 33 countries.
Tim Simmonds

Tim Simmonds

Client Services Director:

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A veteran of the eCommerce space for over 15 years, Tim has worked across a variety of online businesses including, Glasses Direct, Cupid (through its Alternative Investment Market Initial Public Offering (AIM IPO) and Sidestep (up to its acquisition by
David Mollison

David Mollison


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A former strategy consultant with Accenture and Roland Berger and professional accountant, David is an experienced CFO having overseen the finance function for three venture backed. businesses DCisions Limited (sold to Interactive Investor plc), (a music streaming service) and now Buyapowa.
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