• £32m

    Funds raised
    so far

  • £1m

    Average business revenue

  • £810k

    Average raise per business

CrowdBnk is an investment crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest in UK businesses through equity and debt.

CrowdBnk provides every registered investor with full access to businesses that pass our selection criteria and make it through our rigorous due diligence process, we call it the CrowdBnk Bootcamp. So far, over £32 million has been invested in 35 businesses and thousands have signed up to receive our weekly investment insights.

At CrowdBnk, we want you to get the most out of your investments which is why most businesses on our platform qualify for the SEIS or EIS schemes. As a result, investors could benefit from tax breaks of up to 50% on their investments.

The CrowdBnk sweetspot

Invest with CrowdBnk when the business has proof of concept and the potential to deliver high returns. Learn more >>

We are investing

We don’t just invest time and energy, but become shareholders in every business that successfully funds. That’s why we take a much more rigorous approach and only present vetted business opportunities to our investors.

Each business has to pass a number of strict criteria in order to be considered. Our investment specialists then analyse each business to judge the likelihood of it completing a successful fund raise and delivering a significant return to our investors. Only 10% of businesses meet our criteria.

When we are confident that the business is a good match, we begin the CrowdBnk Bootcamp process to confirm that the business is robust and its claims are valid. This takes roughly three weeks and is carried out by CrowdBnk’s highly experienced team.

CrowdBnk Portfolio