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Spiral is an innovative mobile learning platform which facilitates active learning and collaboration in classrooms around the world. 2,800 schools and 18,000 users over 100 countries have registered in the first 4 months. 

About Spiral

The Social Learning Network (TSLN) is building a world-class education technology company, providing innovative well-researched collaborative apps to help teachers make the most of mobile learning that is being rolled out to students in schools around the world. TSLN’s founders have spent two years in field research, identifying the key issues faced by teachers and students as they adopt technology into their day-to-day practice.

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What is the offer and how will Spiral use the funds?

TSLN is seeking to raise £400,000 of investment (£85,000 already raised) in exchange for 22.2% equity (17.5% available to CrowdBnk investors), to match-fund its remaining £130,000 SMART grant from Innovate UK and proposed Horizon 2020 grant-funding to continue growing Spiral as a global mobile learning brand, with the intention of acquisition from a global education service provider by 2019.

Why now?

With investment in mobile learning across education growing at 36.3%[1] CAGR to 2020, the directors believe that the market is now ready for Spiral and Spiral is ready for the market.

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What sets Spiral apart?

  • Experienced Management Team.
  • Co-designing software with schools and UCL.
  • Unique 3-way collaborative classroom experience.
  • Simple and intuitive apps that build into a school-wide platform.
  • Timeline of learning that adds value and encourages extended use of Spiral as a core teaching tool.
  • Real-time learning assessment data and analytics.


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Amount Offering Availability
£300 Free Spiral Bronze for a year to a UK school of your choice. 1000
£1000 Free Spiral presentation from a member of staff to teachers and Spiral Bronze for a year to a UK school of your choice. 300
£5000 Free Spiral presentation from a member of staff to teachers and Spiral Bronze for a year to a UK school of your choice. Plus a Spiral set-up and operation of your company conference interactive software with data evidence managed by a Spiral account manager. 60

Investors should not consider investing so as to obtain a "reward" unless the size of the investment is suitable for them

Raised £85,000.00
Hours to go 4
Target £399,959.72
Min. Investment £226
Equity on Offer 22.22%
Investors (1)
Business Contact

Innovation Warehouse
1 East Poultry Avenue

The Spiral Team

Hamish Kennedy

Hamish Kennedy

Founder and CEO

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Hamish Kennedy has set up internal business units for a number of companies such as News International, Sainsbury’s and Co-op, building businesses from the ground up. Hamish uses close customer marketing development through personal interaction with customers and data analysis to merge the product marketing mix. His previous role was to start-up the education business at Sony, integrating all Sony products into an enterprise solution distributed through the channel. This vertical, the Sony Education business in 2008, the directors believe to be one of Sony’s most successful Business to Business (B2B) verticals for 10 years.
Rachel Tilden Walker

Rachel Tilden Walker

Co-founder and Education Director

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Rachel Tilden Walker has 20 years of experience in teaching, learning and the effective use of IT in all phases of education. A key change management advisor to schools and local authorities across the UK, Rachel is focused on helping schools maximise the potential of IT for learning.

Spiral has passed CrowdBnk’s Bootcamp

  • A thorough review of the businesses commercial, financial and tax situation. This ensures that the likelihood of any issues are greatly reduced and ironed out before they get to the investor.
  • Verification of the identity and track record of the company directors and major shareholders.
  • Review of business plan, competition and key contracts – ensuring all statements and claims are backed up with data and source.
  • Review of ownership structure and capitalization, ensuring clarity of the value of the shares that investors are buying.
  • Valuation negotiation to ensure that the investment offer is fair for all parties.
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Good day, I am very intrigued by this opportunity. I do have an initial question, what exactly is on offer in the investment? Is it The Social Learning Network (TSLN) or just Spiral? Or are they one and the same? Best, Amir

The offer is a share of up to 22.2% in the equity of The Social Learning Network Ltd. ‘Spiral’ is the name of the product owned/ marketed by The Social Learning Network Ltd.
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