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The story of Laurie Cunningham, the first black footballer to play for England

About Black Flash

"Black Flash" is a planned feature film, written by Daniel Fajemisin Duncan and to be directed by Gabe and Ben Turner. It broadly fits into the genre of a race biopic. The directors have produced or directed many theatrically released films, such as: "In the Hands of the Gods", "Piggy", "One Direction 3D", "JLS 3D", "The Class of ’92" and many more.

Black Flash is planned to be produced by Roker 37 Limited, which is the company into which investors will be investing. Roker 37 also intends to provide production services for other feature films.

Black Flash will tell the story of Laurie Cunningham, the first black footballer to play for England: a shy dreamer blessed with breathtaking ability, who became an icon, if not a champion, and died tragically before his time. On the surface Laurie was exuberant and played with a mesmerizing freedom and grace. Inside though, he was quiet and complex and it is this dichotomy that will define his story.

"Black Flash" is intended as a theatrical release that will be shown in cinemas worldwide before becoming available on DVD, VOD and TV. The company’s aim is for the film to achieve both critical and commercial success.

Investment Offer

99.9999% of equity is on offer for a maximum investment of £3,000,000. The majority of the funds (92%) will be allocated to two main uses: (a) the production of the film and (b) the provision of production services to third parties. The rest of the funds (8%) will be allocated to cover the expenses of the offer. The Minimum Total Subscription (being £3,000,000) would allow the company to produce the Film.

The Company’s share capital is split into A Shares which are held by the Directors and B Shares which are being offered to Investors. If successful, it is intended that shareholders will receive a return on their investment over several years following the three year EIS period.  100% of the profits of the company will be returned to ‘B’ shareholders for any profits up to 100% of the value of the shares invested. For any profits above this level, ‘B’ shareholders have the right to 25% of the profits.

Exit Strategy

After three years, the directors intend to seek the view of shareholders regarding the provision of a means of realising their investment. The directors may seek a trading facility for the Company’s shares, or there may be a number of alternatives available, such as the sale of part of the whole of the Company, the purchase by the Company of the B shares held by shareholders, the introduction of new investors or the sale of the Company’s assets and subsequent distribution of proceeds Shareholders. Other opportunities may also arise over the next three years, and the directors will consider the most appropriate method having regard to the Company’s position and requirements as the time, and make a recommendation to the Shareholders.

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Days to go Completed
Funding period ended on 14 January 2015
Target £3,000,000
Min. Investment £10
Equity on Offer 99.99%
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Great track record

Black Flash comes from the makers of the acclaimed recent successes “The Class of ‘92” and “One Direction This Is Us”.

Risk mitigation

Roker is based on a risk mitigation strategy which reduces the financial risk to 10% of the gross investment. In addition, if the film is successful, investors could be entitled to uncapped upside from revenues generated by Black Flash as well as a regular and steady income generated by the provision of services trade.

Experienced team

The production team have worked with distributors such as Sony, Lionsgate, New Line, Revolver and Columbia Pictures, while working with talent such as: Ben Drew, Paul Anderson, Neil Maskell, One Direction, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, James Corden, David Beckham and Ophelia Lovibond.

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Crowdbnk are investing in Black Flash

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The Black Flash Team

Gabe Turner

Company Director & Film Director

Co-founded Fulwell 73 Productions. Directed "In the Hands of the Gods". Commissioned by the BBC to direct "The Final Hurdle", a documentary series set in India. Produced a number of comedy sketches for "This is JLS" and "Comic Relief", as well as exec-producing TV shows such as; "Hidden Side of Sport" (ITV1), "From Lords to the Ring" (Sky1) and "A Very JLS Christmas" (Sky1).

Leo Pearlman

Company Director & Producer

Co-founded Fulwell 73 Poductions and has also worked as a consultant on new channel development and brand-driven production across Europe. "In the Hands of the Gods" was his first theatrical release. Produced "Prisoner of War" (in competition at Sundance 2013), "Turnout", starring Ben Drew and Ophelia Lovibond (released theatrically by Revolver in 2011), "JLS 3D: Eyes Wide Open" (released theatrically by Omniverse in 2011) and "Piggy", starring Martin Compston and Paul Anderson (released theatrically in May 2012). Has produced a number of highly successful shows including; fourteen-part ITV1 series "James Corden"s World Cup Live".

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Ben Turner

Company Director & Film Director

Directed "First Among Equals". Co-directed "In the Hands of the Gods". Has directed a diverse range of comedians including David Walliams, Keith Lemon, Alan Carr, Mickey Flannigan, Ronnie Corbett and Lee Nelson, as well as stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Grant, Kate Moss and Frank Lampard. Has directed commercials for brands including Evans Cycles in the UK and Eram Shoes in France.

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