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Sutrue develops automated suturing devices to enable doctors and surgeons to close wounds faster, more efficiently and accurately, with minimal risk of accidental injury. Sutrue successfully raised £30,000 of equity to cover the costs of their global patent registrations. In order to meet the strict patent registration deadline the equity was raised at a discounted rate of £20 a share. Now that the patents are registered in each of the relevant countries Sutrue are in Phase 2 of the project, raising a further £270,000 to finance the final development and commercialisation of the technology. Full details on the Phase 2 raise can be found on CrowdBnk here https://www.crowdbnk.com/p/Sutrue2

Sutrue has designed an automated suturing device for wound closure using standard sutures, which it believes to be an industry first. This not only has the potential to speed up medical procedures, but may also save money by reducing injuries to healthcare workers using a device designed to contain the needle section of the suture within an enclosed plastic cartridge. The device also benefits from being able to use standard needles from all major manufacturers.

For these reasons, the management team expects its Sutrue design to be widely adopted by the medical community.

The device speeds up suturing by reducing the amount of tools necessary to complete a suture, applying a constant and reliable amount of power when driving the needle and is particularly useful when it comes to tying a knot. The needle can be driven in a full circle at a speed of up to once per second. There is a backwards option in case of mistakes or misalignment.

The device offers reduced risk of injury by containing the needle section of the suture within an enclosed plastic cartridge. The head of the device comes pre-fitted with a cartridge, which can be removed by a simple release mechanism and replaced by a new one, until the procedure is complete. An exhausted cartridge acts as its own sharps bin, preventing post-use injury.[1]

Sutrue Ltd intends to achieve a return on investment through licensing or joint venture arrangements that provide an upfront payment; and an on-going percentage/royalty, which ensures Sutrue can benefit from the long term market potential of the product.


[1] See “Preventing needlestick injuries” SUSAN Q. WILBURN, BSN, MPH, GERRY EIJKEMANS, MD

Raised £30,020.00
Fundraise ended 05/11/2014
Target £30,000.00
Investors (12)