29th September 2015

The CrowdBnk Charter

Five key beliefs that will give investors confidence when they invest via CrowdBnk.


The CrowdBnk Charter


Since being founded in 2013, CrowdBnk has focused on placing investors at the heart of the crowdfunding process.

As the crowdfunding industry grows in the UK, we feel it can challenge traditional lending models and offer a much more transparent process between businesses and mainstream investors, offering rewards which are usually the preserve of the wealthy.

That is why we have launched the CrowdBnk Charter. The Charter is our commitment to investors, highlighting five key beliefs that will give investors the confidence to know that when they invest via CrowdBnk, they are being offered only excellent investment opportunities.


The Charter

1.     Always invest

We only offer our clients genuine investment opportunities that we believe in. To prove our commitment to these businesses, CrowdBnk always invests alongside clients in every company which successfully funds on our platform.

2.     Act as a filter

Our investment committee has decades of experience when it comes to evaluating businesses.  It is their job to assess businesses on behalf of investors and either accept or reject them based on their fundamentals.

3.     Be forensic

If a business is overvalued when it looks to raise capital, it will be that much harder for investors to make a real return. Therefore our team strives to promote businesses which have realistic goals and accurate valuations that stand the test of time.

In practice, this means for every business we promote, at least 60 hours of research and analysis will have been carried out by our experienced team, covering everything from balance sheet strength to strategic growth plans.

4.     Be inclusive

For too long, investing in exciting new businesses has been the preserve of the wealthy. CrowdBnk is challenging this with low minimum investments that help people access excellent deals, regardless of how much money they have to invest.

5.     Focus on the right structure

If businesses offer the wrong investment structure they can risk investor returns and business growth.

This is why CrowdBnk is focused on helping businesses to select the most beneficial investment structure for them, be it equity, debt or a blend of the two. This helps to provide a platform for better returns and a more effective capital raise.



Ayan Mitra is Chief Executive Officer at CrowdBnk, the London-based equity and debt investment crowdfunding platform.

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Please note: The contents of the article are the author's opinion and have not been approved as a financial promotion by Resolution Compliance Limited.

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