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D RISK IT - Fundraising tool for startup companies


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Funding period ended on 3 January 2014

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The Vision

The app is a simple educational and practical business tool, showing tangible ways to make adjustments in your strategic business or fundraising approaches. The app's 3 modules concentrate on:

i) The money or return that the investors get back upon the exit or sale of your business (called their 'ROI' - Return On Investment).

ii) A simple 7-stage test that lets you review and score key areas of your businesses strategy and the investment deal. These are the critical areas that founders often exclude from their pitch.

iii) Giving a suggested valuation based on current investment climate considerations and the entrepreneur's progress achieved to date.

Revenue Model:  Phase one will see the beta rolled out to startup founders and entrepreneurs. Phase two is where the main revenues are made via b2b bespoke white-label versions of the app sold to commercial organisations. Secondary revenues can be made via top-tier sponsorship opportunities, giving sponsors both in-app and website promotional opportunities.

PR:  Key to the app's momentum within the international tech startup community will be the securing of editorial with the top tech space news journals such as TechCrunch & Mashable, etc. Others are also currently being approached and some have already requested the opportunity to do a feature. A pre-launch video has been developed and placed on YouTube, with a second post-launch video demo of the modules being planned for release also.

Research A mock-up of the three 'D Risk It' modules has been taken to entrepreneurial founders (both new and experienced), angel investment group managers and VCs. D Risk has been received very enthusiastically by all and with minor tweaks and changes been made with the suggestions from the feedback. All feedback, especially from startup founders is that this is a really useful tool and one they definately want to try out.

Design:  A good quality logo and app branding have been commissioned and designed with the aim of producing a brand that will visually standout in the app store, as well as throughout the entire international startup community.

Sponsorship:  A sponsorship package is currently being developed in association with a partnering firm, with the objective of attracting top-tier tech firms, such as Microsoft, CICSO, HP, etc. The 'D Risk It' founder frequently moves within the tech community and has reach and relationships into these top brands and is just waiting for app development to complete before establishing contact.

Future Development:  A second phase will see the development of a white-label product for corporate customers who can incorporate the modules aspects along with their own offerings into their entreprenur focused websites. The possibility of revenue sharing and data gathering can be explored at a later date.


  • Invest £20

    Free version of the app when launched + Free updates for life + Your name, Twitter or URL as a supporter on D Risk IT’s website + Personal thank you from the Founder.

    100 remaining

  • Invest £25

    Free version of the app + PDF of top de-risking tips based on common deal weaknesses + Quick checks & fixes.

    100 remaining

  • Invest £50

    Rewards 1 or 2 above + Executive summary or PowerPoint pitch deck template & guidance notes that work.

    200 remaining

  • Invest £100

    Rewards 1, 2, 3, + Top de-risking tips + Personal thank you from the founder + A 2nd version of the app to give away.

    100 remaining

  • Invest £250

    Rewards 1 or 2, 3, 4 + A personal review of your business / deal proposition via Skype or phone (up to 2 x 1 hour sessions), plus help in putting together your executive summary or pitch deck.

    20 remaining

  • Invest £300

    Become an early investor with our pledge to have first refusal on a future pool of ordinary shares, investing alongside angel investors. Plus 5 free apps.

    10 remaining

  • Invest £750

    Rewards 1 or 2, 3, 4, 5 + A one-to-one business & deal review meeting, 3 hours + lunch in a London restaurant.

    5 remaining

  • Invest £1,000

    Rewards 1 or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + Skype deal review session + Personal write-up of your executive summary + Identification of 5 investors (Euro/US/Asia) + 5 free apps.

    5 remaining

  • Invest £1,200

    (Organisational prize/give-away): 1-day - company deal, pitch & executive summary review session + Speak at your event + 2 written articles for your blog + 15 Free apps.

    5 remaining

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