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This investment promotion for subscription of shares (the “Listing”) is highly confidential document and has been prepared by CrowdBnk and BriceAmery Capital Ltd solely for use in connection with this offering of shares in Mash Machine plc (“Mash Machine” or the “Company”).  BriceAmery Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) of the UK.

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The Vision

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Mash Machine Ltd. was founded in June 2013 with the mission of empowering people to interact with the music they love.

The company is focused on development of technologies that allow easy and powerful creative processes, so that anyone can create complex professional outputs. Content plays a critical role in the experience and as such Mash Machine will be aggregating content and building an online platform.

To optimise our product we will work with external companies who have experience in these areas to design and build the hardware with us, while we focus on the software development. We seek to build a lean company, outsourcing non-key activities, such as manufacturing and logistics, while focusing on product development and expansion of our global distributor and partner network (with whom local marketing and sales costs will be shared).

Once established in initial B2B markets, our aim is to enter the multi-billion pound consumer markets, delivering a high-quality product that goes far beyond the current playing experience of home and music entertainment. We aspire to the success achieved by builders of music games such as Guitar Hero (we are advised by Kai Huang, one of the co-founders), apps and new music controllers for DJ aficionados.

The Mash Machine was originally built by an innovation agency The Mo’Joes (founded by Mathieu Hingant and Ottavio Cambieri), for a campaign run by Philip Morris International in Estonia. Within the year, Andrius Ziuraitis, marketing manager of PMI Estonia joined the founders to develop the Mash Machine idea further.

The Mo’Joes met Guy Gross at an event at Google campus in London in April 2013. After defining and exploring the opportunities and strategies for Mash Machine as a business, Guy was invited to join and lead the team to turn the Mash Machine into a global venture and Mash Machine ltd. was founded.

Company infrastructure has been strengthened by building an extended team of professionals and complimentary service providers; this includes 4 non-executive directors, a licensing director and a team of creatives including a brand manager, designers, music producers and product developers.

Risk Disclosure

The shares you are considering buying will be issued by unlisted companies which may have little or no trading history. Please read both our General Risk Disclosure Notice and Mash Machine Specific Risk Factors carefully before investing. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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