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Street Studio
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Important Notice

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Street Studio is a concept devised by artist Charlotte Esposito.













Operating from a shop front in the busy, eclectic and arty North Laines area of Brighton, East Sussex, Street Studio would allow members of the passing public to access an artist first hand and at work during normal retail opening hours. Artists’ studios are usually tucked away in areas outside of the mainstream retail flow and subsequently artists must seek gallery representation or work solely via reputation, which can take many years.












Competition is fierce with galleries taking on very few artists per year, high fees for art fairs, and only a handful of artists winning via open call for exhibitions and prizes. Through Street Studio artist Charlotte Esposito will demonstrate how artists can take control of their artistic careers by creating their own professional sales floor.








Street Studio aims to draw in not only those that would proactively seek out art and artists studio's but also the general public who might otherwise have little interaction with artists and galleries. In order to engage more of the public the founder would aim for a well presented but relaxed atmosphere; with smaller scale affordable works and related arts products for sale via the shop floor combined with larger scale wall hung works and a full working studio.     

Founder of the Street Studio concept, Charlotte Esposito, will become both manager and lead artist of the first pilot store in Brighton, where she will work live in what will become her studio. On the same premises a smaller sub studio will be used to offer free working space to affiliated artists to ensure that an artist is available for public access across seven days of the week. Those artists will also be offered the opportunity to sell a selection of their works, alongside the lead artist, via the shop floor. As well as being able to take direct commission and selling both large and small scale art works, sculpture, tiny arts and hand-made products, Esposito intends to stock and sell arts products such as high end sketchbooks, arts materials and related gift products.

There would also be benefit to local schools as the artists and studio would be available for two to three afternoons per week (by prior arrangement) for small groups of pupils to visit.







Charlotte has said the following regarding the possible educational links:

"I have been an artist and designer my entire life and it is all that I ever wanted to do, but I fell in to teaching when I came out of University, realising that I had a skill in working with and inspiring young people. Primarily I want to be an artist but I have a passion for education. I believe that to give young people the best of our experience that we should be continuing to nurture and develop the subject skills in teachers; those which make them knowledgeable and inspiring in the first place. Teaching as a profession is all consuming with no real time for continuing to practise and improve one’s own artistic abilities, but I found that young people were much more likely to engage when they witnessed me practising the art myself. They become inspired, they can see your abilities and they then trust your judgment and opinion. Through Street Studio I would like to show the link between the studio, the teacher and business and enterprise, and the endless possibilities for designing the way in which we educate.”

Charlotte has been making art work since she was very young, displaying clear and natural talent from a very early age. Having studied Art & Design at Brighton City College she began a Design and the Built Environment course at Leeds Metropolitan University leading to Contemporary Craft and Design at Lincoln. At university she found herself making both large and small scale sculpture, graduating in 2002. In her personal life Charlotte has been painting for many years.


“Charlotte Esposito has been through an incredible journey and is doing an amazing thing by sharing that story with others and through her work the power and effect of art is clear. Not only is the work beautiful, delicate, strongly emotive and has this unique textural element signature to Espositos’ style, but as a talented arts professional she has a clear mission and we are fully behind her in making it happen. She is incredibly committed and professional and a pleasure to work with. I can predict only the best things happening in her artistic career.”

Samir Ceric
Founder and CEO, Debut Contemporary

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