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21st July 2014

Changes to our Members' Agreement

On the 5th of August we are changing our Members’ agreement

We are changing our Members’ agreement in line with our learnings to date and resulting updates to the CrowdBnk platform.

The changes in the agreement are designed to allow us to provide better service to both investors and entrepreneurs. Introducing the new agreement is not limited by, but will include the following effects:

- More flexibility in how users can make payments;
- More flexibility in the terms tied to Projects on our platform including length of time Projects are listed on the website, and type of companies that can raise equity investment (i.e. not limited to PLCs);
- To reflect the different arrangements we’ve had with Charities, Entrepreneurs and Equity Entrepreneurs, it makes more sense to agree terms offline and thus some of the wording relating to Charities, Entrepreneurs and Equity Entrepreneurs will be agreed separately; and
- More flexibility to change terms in the future to adapt for a changing environment.

The changes will come in force from 5th August 2014. You can access the marked-up version of the Members’ agreement (showing all changes) here.  The final version of the new Members’ agreement can be found here

The first time you visit on or after 5th August, you’ll be asked to accept the terms of this new agreement at login. If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].

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