4th July 2014

How to Use Social Media for Crowdfunding

We’ve gathered the best advice from across the web to help you make the most of social media for your crowdfunding campaign.

Promoting your crowdfunding campaign can be challenging. How do you raise awareness about your project? Social media is the preferred platform for crowdfunding marketing- it lets you leverage your existing network, reach a broad audience, and provides good value for money. But social media marketing is not easy. We’ve gathered the best advice from across the web to help you make the most of social media for your crowdfunding campaign.

Make the Most of Your Time
You typically have only a limited amount of time in which you can attempt to secure funds.  If you don’t raise the amount stated within that short period, you lose it all.  This means that during the entire time period your fundraising campaign is live your entire organization should be promoting and prospecting as much as they possibly can so that you can meet your goals and collect the funds. Read more

Keep it Snappy
Yes, your dream project is important and deserves much discussion, but the key to effective social media is hooking people quickly. Tweets need to be short, awesome punches that people cannot resist clicking on and re-tweeting. On Facebook, you can write longer messages, but don’t go into multiple paragraphs; you’ll have plenty of copy to dive into on your campaign home page. And never underestimate the power of a good picture on Facebook. Read more

Plan Ahead
Even though it can be time consuming, there are online tools out there to help you get ahead of the game.  This approach requires some planning, but once you’ve got your plan and you know where you’re going, you can make us of the many tools out there to get your message to the masses. Read more

Help Your Supporters Help You
Janna Leyde, author of “He Never Liked Cake,” found that by giving materials to supporters and influencers, they had the materials they needed to spread the word. “I invited my most social media active friends and followers to help me out. I had 90 days and I chose to send out a mass email encouraging everyone to get involved anyway they could by sharing the information about my book and the campaign. I wrote out sample emails, tweets and posts that each person could use during the campaign.” Read more

Show Your Gratitude
People love to be acknowledged. Let people know how they’ll be credited and follow through. It gives you a great story to tell and builds your base for your next crowdfunded adventure. Read more

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