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Our Promises

CrowdBnk exists to help as many great ideas as possible to get off the ground. But not every idea will get funded. Not every business will make it big. When it comes to investing, there are no guarantees. But we can make some promises.

#1. Everyone with an idea will get help from us.

Every idea deserves a chance. So every idea will be heard. We won’t judge. It’s up to the crowd to decide – we’re just here to make that possible. We’ll listen, we’ll support and we’ll encourage. And we’ll help you shape your thinking. So even if your idea doesn’t get funded, you’ll still be moving forward.

#2. It’ll be safe.

There’s never any reward without risk. But because we’re regulated by the Financial Services Authority, you know that everything is legal and transparent with us. Everyone who’s using CrowdBnk to raise money will be checked out by us first.

#3. But it’ll be exciting too.

The buzz of seeing a business get started, the kick you get from supporting a project you love, the thrill of knowing you were there at the start of something special – these are returns you get the same instant you give. There’ll be ups and downs, of course. But that’s true of every adventure.

#4. Everything will happen in plain view on the site.

We won’t cherry pick the best ideas. And we won’t do any offline deals. Whatever’s happening will happen here where everyone can see it.

#5. A share in a business means a say in how it’s run.

We don’t sit between businesses and their shareholders. We’ll help everyone stay in touch, but apart from that, once an idea’s off the ground, we step back and leave the rest to you. Most people will be happy to leave businesses they’ve supported to run themselves. But even so, we think it’s only fair for those businesses to be accountable to them. Their money made it all possible, after all. Equally, we think businesses should be free to deal with their shareholders directly without having to go through us every time. That includes asking for more money in the future if they need to.

#6. It’ll be easy.

We can help with everything from business plan templates to legal contracts. And you can invest with one click for as little as £10.