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Crowdfunding 101 - Part 7: Celebrate

"Part 7 of our 8 week series describes how to celebrate success."
  • Written By: Maria
  • Role: Marketing
  • Date: 18th December 2013
  • Time: 11:30 am

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Crowdfunding 101 - Part 7: Celebrate

Welcome to the seventh part in our series Crowdfunding 101.  Join us for the last week to learn more about how to build and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.  We have all the best hints tips and tricks to help you make your great idea a reality.

This is part 7 of 8.  Come back on Friday for more tips

Celebrate Success, But Don’t Forget Your Supporters.

Successfully funding your project is a massive achievement and should be a huge thrill for you and a source of personal pride.  Enjoy your success and celebrate it, but don’t forget those that helped you along the way.  Take the time to thank your backers, and make sure you do everything you need to in order to fulfill your obligations as quickly as possible.

That means if you listed an equity project, sign the documents and do everything needed to issue the shares to your supporters.  If, on the other hand, your project was rewards-based make sure you fulfill the rewards as quickly as possible (and don’t forget to factor in the time and cost associated with shipping your rewards when you first put together your project budget!). Don’t worry if this sounds scary – we’re here to help and will try to make the process as painless as possible.

See you Friday for the next installment:  How to incentivise your supporters - Keep People Informed

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