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Crowdfunding 101 - Part 8: Keep People Informed

"Part 8 of our 8 week series describes how to keep people informed."
  • Written By: Maria
  • Role: Marketing
  • Date: 20th December 2013
  • Time: 11:00 am

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Crowdfunding 101 - Part 8: Keep People Informed

Welcome to the eighth part in our series Crowdfunding 101.   This is the last of four weeks articles to help you learn more about how to build and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.  We have all the best hints tips and tricks to help you make your great idea a reality.

This is part 8 of 8.  

Keep People Informed

People usually back ideas for a reason – they want them to succeed and feel like they played a part in the success! The best way to make people feel involved is to provide regular updates.  Maybe you just hit a major milestone – say a successful prototype or major contract signed – then tell people about it and let them share in the good news.

Ongoing communication doesn’t necessarily need to be for purely altruistic reasons.  As your company (hopefully) grows and becomes a success, it is likely that you need more money at some stage to fuel that growth.  If you keep your investors regularly informed and they feel like a part of the success story, they are far more likely to be willing to support you in a follow-on fundraising round.  Like many things in life, try to take a long-term view when it comes to communicating with your investors.

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