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3 Great Resources on Crowdfunding in Europe

"This week, we share the latest news on crowdfunding in Europe."

  • Written By: Noa
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  • Date: 27th March 2014
  • Time: 06:18 am

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3 Great Resources on Crowdfunding in Europe

This week, we share the latest news on crowdfunding in Europe. Did you know that 1,700 per hour are raised through crowdfunding in the UK? Or that the EU is planning to promote a “quality label” for crowdfunding?

£1,700 per hour raised through crowdfunding in the UK

New statistics have revealed more than £1,700 per hour is being raised via crowdfunding in the UK. The data, compiled by The Crowdfunding Centre, shows that since the beginning of 2014 more than 2,600 equity and rewards projects were launched - more than 45 per day, attracting pledges of more than £5.7m. Read more

EU executive plans to promote crowdfunding sector

A European Union "quality label" and possible state aid for crowdfunding would help the 1 billion euro (848.8 million pounds) sector grow to fund economic growth, the bloc's executive body said in a document seen by Reuters.
Crowdfunding allows individuals and small businesses to raise money from pools of investors who can put money into peer-to-peer lending schemes or securities such as unlisted shares. Read more

Europe Turns to Crowdfunding but Still Obstacles to Surmount

When Javier Latorre wanted to invest outside Spain, he turned to a crowdfunding platform based in Sweden. A month later, Mr. Latorre had invested 4,000 Swedish krona ($625) in four shares of Eggs Inc., a new chain of health-oriented fast-food restaurants. "I am looking for investments in other countries to split my risk, and these guys know what they are doing," the 36-year old Spanish entrepreneur said of his first investment in a startup outside his home country. Read more