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Rise of the Virtual Spare Room

"We’re already used to the idea of storing our digital files, pictures and memories in the cloud."

  • Written By: Noa
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  • Date: 20th March 2014
  • Time: 03:06 pm

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Rise of the Virtual Spare Room

We’re already used to the idea of storing our digital files, pictures and memories in the cloud, but what if we could do the same with our physical possessions?

The two undeniable trends in UK housing are that the size of the average home is falling and the cost per square foot is rising. In central London, the average property now commands £1,500 per square foot. At that price, every extra inch matters and even a small wardrobe starts to look like an expensive luxury.

But imagine if you had a safe, secure and convenient place to store everything you didn’t need to access regularly. If you could box it all up but always get it back whenever you need it with just a couple of taps on your phone. You can make space for a new baby without throwing away treasured possessions. You can keep the baby’s clothes and toys ready for the next one. Your wardrobe space is doubled as you swap winter and summer clothes. Bulky sports equipment like ski gear that’s used once a year is kept out of the way. Moving house becomes easy as your virtual spare room moves with you. The possibilities are endless.

That’s the idea behind BoxMan, a new service disrupting the self-storage industry and bringing it into the internet age. Traditional self-storage is time consuming, a hassle and expensive. You have to drive yourself to the store, probably renting a van, and when it comes to finding anything you have a big pile of boxes to start searching through.

BoxMan makes the whole process easy with free box deliveries and collections all managed online or via your phone. Typically, it’s also cheaper than traditional self-storage. So now everyone can afford all the space they need.

Box Man is currently crowdfunding an investment round on CrowdBnk. Box Man takes self-storage into the internet age, providing the convenience of home collections and online management whilst being cheaper than doing it yourself. When customers store with BoxMan they receive free boxes to pack, free next day collection and can order retrievals easily online for next day delivery. To invest or learn more, click here.